Monday, May 20, 2013


I attended high school graduation this weekend, and it brought to mind how extremely important schools are, not only for the future of our country and our world, but also for our students' lives individually. How wonderful that we see the individual talents in our students and encourage them to develop those talents, whether it's art or athletics or music or business or construction or academic excellence. How inspiring it is to watch seniors cross the stage for diplomas who are the first high school graduates or the first future college students from their families. How moving to see a class come together and cheer the accomplishments of a fellow student. How loving to see the students offer their empathy to a family who lost their senior this year. How exciting to see the gym full of families, some with very young children who will one day grace this very stage, celebrating the success of their family members and friends who are graduating.

It is with pride as an educator and with the love of a mother that I salute the Storm Lake Class of 2013. We come from all different backgrounds with so many interesting stories to tell. However, it's clear that when we gather as a community, we will always think first of the Tornado green and white that we share and wish the very best for each other.