Friday, November 7, 2014

Working as a Team

As I sat in our District School Improvement Team meeting today, I was so excited and proud to hear about all the new things we are doing this year to help our students learn and succeed. All of the data analysis and individual attention can't help but pay off for our students. The dedication of the people on this team to work together and try new things based on best practices and research is remarkable. This is not easy work. To change the way things have traditionally been done is hard. There will be push back.

Which leads me to my thoughts today: How do we get everyone who works for our school to first, feel like a valued member of the team, but also, to second, work as hard as possible to implement the new things we are doing in the district? This is not a question with a simple answer. The traditional master-of-one's-own-universe view of working in a school is hard to let go of. We all like our autonomy and our ability to make our own decisions. However, if we are going to improve the overall education for our students, we need to work very hard together, and we need to be willing to change.

I picture a staff of 350 people or so all wearing Tornado Green and all working together with the same goals, the same vision, and the same dedication. Just think of how great we would be!

This is not an impossible task. Are each of us willing to do our part?

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