Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summertime learning

I remember so fondly as a child the last day of school, the relief when I'd been promoted to the next grade, and the exhilaration of looking at so many weeks of summer. Freedom from a rigid five days a week schedule. Freedom from early bedtimes. Freedom from learning.

Freedom from learning? Really? Isn't it interesting that when we look back, we realize our best learning happened when we didn't even know we were learning.


Swimming lessons
Driver's Ed
Camps of all kinds
Library time
Reading anything you want to
Cooking classes
Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/4-H
Vacation Bible School
Family vacations
Educational TV
New notebooks and journals to write in
Playing with the neighborhood kids and siblings
Arts and crafts
Visiting extended family
Gazing at the stars
Summer theater opportunities
Community Band
Growing a garden

What learning experiences can you create this summer? Does learning have to take place in the four walls of the school? If it didn't back then, it certainly doesn't now. Add to the list above, which is still applicable, the Internet, and there is no end to the possibilities for learning anywhere anytime all summer.

My job is year round, and I still get excited for the opportunities for personal learning that come to me in the summertime. What are you waiting for? Create some personal learning experiences!

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