Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It takes all of us focused on students

I took my two district technology technicians to the TICL Conference at Buena Vista University the past three days. I do this, because I never want the nuts and bolts part of our jobs as tech people to overshadow why we are really working. We are here to help students learn, and every job we do in our schools, no matter how repetitive or mundane, must keep that goal in mind. Not only must we keep the goal in mind, but we must also take pride in the part we play in our students' learning journeys.

Ed Zimmerle from Prairie Lakes AEA took a fabulous picture of our two computer technicians flanking our Middle School technology teacher.

Here's to Justin Overmohle, Preston Meineke, and Josh Hayden. Our students are lucky to have you !

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