Friday, July 20, 2018

Our Why Needs to be Bigger

I have four grandchildren. Louis will be in second grade. Sarah will be in kindergarten. Scout is almost a year old. And, Quinn is 6 months old. They will always be in the front of my thoughts when it comes to my views on education - And my drive to fight for what's right. They deserve all the best our schools have to offer.


However, my why can't stop there. My why must include my friends' and neighbors' children. It must include all the children in my community - The children in my state - In my nation - And in the world. It is not enough that my grandchildren receive an excellent education. It is important that all children receive an excellent education. Our world has become far too intent on demanding the golden ring for ourselves and then blaming others who haven't been so fortunate. This shortsighted selfishness must stop - And it must never be a part of our schools.

Education must be accessible to everyone. Education must teach us to both critically evaluate the facts and also to be empathetic and kind to our fellow man. There is nothing more important than this. Coming from a family of educators, there have been times that family had to take a back seat to the work that needed to be done for others, and that is a good thing. It has created adults who have chosen lives of service and love.

Can you expand your why?

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